Time for tea!


Hello friends,

Sometimes I feel like Jane Villanueva trapped in a telenovela of what-the-f#%k life circumstances. Today’s tale is a sequel to my Thursday night post two weeks ago.

Monday marked one month since the opening of my therapy practice. Huzzah! Wellllll… Imagine my surprise when my rude, controlling, emotionally unstable landlord (who is a licensed therapist with a Ph.D.) stopped by my office on Wednesday… After not speaking to me for weeks…

“I have a proposition for you.”


She offered to pay me back my security deposit and all the rent that I’ve paid if I terminate my lease and move to another office. At first, I stood my ground and said, “No, I will remain here for my year, as agreed upon in the lease.” She then added a threat, “Ok, but if you violate any of the rules, I will evict you.”

Sidenote: She recently added an addendum to my lease with a list of targeted ridiculous rules. Here are a few of the gems (paraphrased)

  • You can’t use more than one shelf in the refrigerator
  • You can’t hang up anything in your office without my permission
  • You can’t display your business cards in the waiting area

Keep in mind that I don’t work for this lady, I simply sublease an office from her. After reflecting on her threat, I came to the conclusion that she’d likely continue to make this a hostile work environment until I either left or was evicted by her as she continues to add dumb rules. #PettyLabelle

I decided to take her buyout offer. This means I get all my money back and basically got to use an office rent-free for 6 weeks AND make a profit. Furthermore, I get the satisfaction of seeing her take the L!

Actual footage. Me (black SUV on left) 

I quickly found a new office, in a nicer, more populated area. I move in a week!


I know I’m gonna be successful. I’m proud of myself for standing my ground and not allowing this monster to get the best of me. From a mental health perspective, this week has been tough. Having to change my address on everything has been exhausting and I’ve been so overwhelmed that I’ve been having panic attacks. I look forward to recharging and unwinding this weekend! Self-care is so important!

I hope I’ve thoroughly entertained you.

Thanks for reading!

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Each post features a music video that is usually random and seldom relates to the aforementioned topic (this one actually fits perfectly tho!) I love music and share it as a form of expression. May contain bad words. Enjoy!



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