Mandala Mondays! And other news

Happy Easter!

I have some great news to share and since WordPress was my first social media outlet, I’m giving y’all an exclusive sneak peek!

I’ve been sharing on my social media about my love for mandalas. This week, I learned to combine coloring mandalas with meditation music. GAME CHANGER!

My anxiety is instantly reduced and I’m ready to take on my next challenge.


I’m obsessed with my new Amazon Basic Felt Tip Pens! 

Since I’m doing mandalas for my own self-care, I figured, “This would be a great thing to share with others.” Come to find out, #MandalaMonday is a very popular hashtag. So I created an Instagram page for my therapy practice.

Panoramic Counseling, LLC can now be found on these platforms!.png

As an introvert, social media terrifies me in general but I’m proud of how I’ve mastered Facebook and Pinterest for business purposes.

Without further delay, would you like to see tomorrow’s #MandalaMonday before the rest of the world!?



Thanks for reading!

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Each post features a music video that is usually random and seldom relates to the aforementioned topic. I love music and share it as a form of expression. May contain bad words. Enjoy!

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