A Thursday Night Bonus!

Hi friends!

The month of April has been an exciting ride so far. I hope you’ve been enjoying the MWF posting schedule for Counseling Awareness Month. Tonight’s post is just for you, WordPress Readers. So settle in while I recap the highs and lows.

I’m a therapist, so I’ll start with some annoyances before I get to the good stuff. You know, end things on a positive note.


  • The rent was gonna go up almost $100/month!
    • My business is just getting off the ground, so when I learned of our apartment rent increase, I was worried that we’d have to move. Luckily, I was able to haggle with the leasing office, so now it’s only a $60 increase. Much more doable.
  • My office mate is a jerk!
    • I sublease an office and it turns out that my office mate is a monster! Controlling, disrespectful, rude, and a really immature communicator. Luckily, I was able to see my own therapist yesterday and was able to get some EMDR to help process it all.
    • From this point on, I will choose not to give my precious energy to my office mate’s negativity.



  • My business is growing!
    • This month has taught me so much about patience, hard work, and investing time into my dream of growing my private practice. Last week was when that hard work began to bloom and I couldn’t be more grateful.
  • I’ve been writing a lot!
    • I’ve been posting at least 3 mental health posts every week on my website for Counseling Awareness Month. It has been a great way for me to learn, teach, and network with both readers and colleagues. Most importantly, the content is raising awareness and fighting stigma. Win-win!
    • I’ve also been doing some guest posting. The next one comes out on Monday over at Mental Health at Home. You’ll have to check back to learn what it’s about.


  • My license number finally came!
    • Though I passed the LPC exam 6 weeks ago, I’ve needed to wait for them to issue an official license number before I could do all operations of my business autonomously. That email notification came as I was walking out of my therapy session yesterday. Perfect timing!

I’m sure the rest of April has more surprises in store. I just felt compelled to do something exclusively for WordPress today. Over here, I can relax a little and punch out from the therapist role for a bit. I appreciate you all for reading.

What’s one high and low that’s happened for you in April so far? Let me know in the comments!

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