I’m starting a mental health newsletter!

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Happy Sunday!

I officially opened the doors of Panoramic Counseling on Monday and saw my first clients this week! It was an exciting launch to a dream that I put in motion several years ago.
I’m reaching out today because I am starting a Panoramic Counseling newsletter. It’ll be one weekly email (on Sundays) where I share blog highlights (related to mental health), personal happenings, and inspirational tidbits. I promise not to spam you or to share your email information.
Would you like me to sign you up? If so, leave your email in the comments. If you’d prefer, you can shoot an email to itsjohnzelle@gmail.com with the subject line “Newsletter signup” and I’ll subscribe you.
Hope y’all have a great Sunday! Check back tomorrow for an exclusive interview that I did to discuss LGBTIA+ issues and counseling!


Each post features a music video that is usually random and seldom relates to the aforementioned topic. I love music and share it as a form of expression. Enjoy!

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