Book review: Psych Meds Made Simple

Ashley Peterson writes one of my favorite blogs, Mental Health at Home. For her 40th birthday last week, she was kind enough to offer her new book, Psych Meds Made Simple for free!

Ashley is a former pharmacist and currently works as a mental health nurse. I admire that she writes from a professional perspective and from a personal stance, as she lives with mental illness.

What did I gain from this book?

“The goal of this book is to demystify psychiatric medications and give people living with mental illness, as well as those who support us, the knowledge to make the best decisions when it comes to medication.”

Ashley achieved this goal. The book itself was very user-friendly. I’m a therapist and I can see myself referring to this book as I work with clients who are receiving medication management.

I wish I would’ve had this book when I was in college and had to take the dreaded biopsychology course. Ashley goes into depth but she does so with an understanding that the average reader won’t convert the information to immediate memory. Other textbooks don’t empathize that the technical concepts of the topic matter can be overwhelming and intimidating. I love an author that considers the feelings of their audience.

Insights gained

I love how Ashley uses this book as a platform to fight the stigma surrounding mental health medication. She also reminds readers that medication alone won’t cure mental illness; rather, it requires a multi-disciplinary approach that involves body, mind, and social influences.

“One thing remains true: psychiatric meds don’t change who you are. You are not somehow less than yourself just because you take a medication, nor are you somehow less real or genuine.”


I recommend this reference guide to anyone who takes psychotropic medication, has a loved one who does, or who works in the mental health field (counselors, social workers, healthcare providers, etc.)

You can find Psych Meds Made Simple for a very reasonable price on Amazon.

Thanks for reading!

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