December blog schedule

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Hello everyone,

Since my blog schedule helped to keep me on track in November (with one change), I decided to continue for this month.

Remember, the goal is to post weekly on Tuesday. Here’s what to expect on Perfectly Imperfect in December:

12.4.18: Guest post from Muted Mouthful on how it’s possible to not like people (social anxiety) while simultaneously wanting to help others (she’s a social worker). I’m very excited to read her post because I too am an introvert in a very social job (therapist). Be sure to check out my guest post on her blog on the same day. It’ll be about holiday anxiety and how one can cope (written from the perspective of this introvert, haha).

12.11.18: Becoming Debt Free #5

12.18.18: Book review: Becoming, By Michelle Obama

12.25.18: No post. I’ll be on vacation in NYC for Christmas!

Thanks for reading!


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***Each post features a music video that is usually random and seldom relates to the aforementioned topic. I love music and share it as a form of expression. Enjoy!


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