Budgeting is your friend (The Re-Re-UP!!)

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I just posted on Tuesday about some ways that I trimmed our NYC Christmas getaway budget. Today, I’m editing it again because I just found a way to save ~88 more dollars!

Christmas ’18 NYC Budget

  • Hotel: $577.76 $266.45
    • It pays to know people in high places. My mom works in the hotel industry and I was able to get a luxury hotel room in Manhattan for less than half the cost of the original booking by using her employee discount.
  • Tolls: $80 
  • Parking: $100 $120
  • Gas: $60
  • Bus tickets (Round Trip) + Uber/Lyft money: $172
    • We’re no longer driving; instead, we’re taking the Chinese Bus (not meant to be offensive, that’s just what we call it here in Richmond). Rachel was initially opposed to this idea; however, as you read in the last version, we are now working on the budget together. She realized how this one change could save us money and hassle of driving to NYC in holiday traffic.
      • Math time:
        • $260 (what we would have paid for gas, parking, and tolls) – $132 (bus tickets) – $40 Lyft/Uber money to get to and from the bus station in Richmond = $88 saved
  • Other transportation: $58
    • Though we are driving to/from NYC, the subway is the most economical way to get around the city. The best plan is an unlimited 7-day pass for each of us. Though we won’t be there for 7 days, it is still the best option, given that the subway will be our only means of getting around. Hopefully, we can find someone to give our passes to before we depart.
  • Boarding Zyon, our dog: $118
  • Food: $300
    • Since the hotel has free breakfast, that breaks down to $50/meal ($25/each). This allows some wiggle room for unexpected expenses as well, as not every place in NYC is that expensive.
  • Broadway tickets: $135.24
    • We will be seeing How the Grinch Stole Christmas, at a matinee showing, in value seating. I’ve found that there are no bad seats at a Broadway show.
  • Excursions and tourism: $0
    • New York City has a ton of stuff going on at Christmas time. Given that I’m a minimalist, I prefer to take advantage of free events and sightseeing.
  • Miscellaneous: $40 ($20/each)
    • This is our buy-what-you-want money. It may seem like a small number; however, since I am in the habit of practicing minimalism, I have no need for souvenirs and trinkets. I do, however, want a I ❤ New York bumper sticker and maybe one of those cotton candy burritos that I’ve seen on YouTube.
  • Total Cost of the aforementioned categories: $1,389 $1,177.69 $1089.68
    • This was split into monthly installments so that the whole trip is paid for in cash by the time we depart.


I love budgeting because it helps me to accomplish big goals in smaller steps. You can do anything with a budget: go on vacation in an expensive city, start a business, get out of debt, and much more!

How do you use a budget to achieve your goals? Let’s chat in the comments.

Thanks for reading!


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