25-word book review: 13 Reasons Why, by Jay Asher

Hannah’s gone.

7 cassettes?

But she’s opening up too late!

Pro: Everyone is held accountable.

Con: Young readers may not realize that help is available.


This week is Mental Illness Awareness Week. If you or someone you know is struggling, there is hope! There’s help out there. Don’t give up. We need you!

You can find 13 Reasons Why in various forms on Amazon.

Thanks for reading!


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5 thoughts on “25-word book review: 13 Reasons Why, by Jay Asher

    1. Yeah, I won’t watch it. I just feel like if you’re gonna approach the topic of suicide, you have a moral obligation to educate about support services to prevent it. That’s why I only gave 3 stars

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  1. I remember being in high school reading the synopsis and being uneasy. I put the book back down. Fast forward to 2017, I did watch the show, not a fan. I was working with teenage girls at the time and they kept bringing it up. I was infuriated! I had to dispel several myths and beliefs.

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