Journey to minimalism #7

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Welcome back for this week’s edition of Journey to Minimalism!


I decided not to renew our monthly Netflix subscription. We get free Hulu service with our phone plan, so I didn’t see a reason for us to have two streaming services. In addition, cable TV is included with our rent, so it makes sense to downsize.


This next one seems counterproductive; given the last section, so hear me out. I canceled our high-speed internet at home because we primarily used it to stream shows to our Roku. The rationale for getting rid of the internet was to encourage us to utilize the cable service that is forced into our rent (there’s no opt-out option…)

Now you may be wondering, “How do you use your computer without internet?” Our Sprint plan allows us to have 10gigs of tethering per phone line. This means that my wife and I each get a substantial amount of internet time to use on our computers at no extra cost. As for watching Hulu, we can stream it on our phones because we have unlimited data on our plan.

I took the $30/month that was budgeted monthly for home internet and added extra to the payments for my car loan; thus, saving money on interest.


We have one of those dining room tables with an optional extender to make it large enough for 6 chairs. Given the size of our apartment and the fact that we don’t entertain often, we had no need for the extender or the extra two chairs. I threw away the extender and sold the extra two chairs for $30.


As always, thanks for reading! How has living with less benefited you lately? Share in the comments.


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