Why I became a therapist (part 3): Future

Welcome back for the final section of this series. Click here for part one and/or here for part two.


If all goes well, I will complete the Virginia residency process for counseling licensure around February and will be eligible to sit for the big exam. Upon passing the exam, I will be granted my license in professional counseling (LPC). The LPC gives me the privilege to practice independently (currently I have to work under the supervision of licensed people, which costs money).

My own business

The next step after becoming licensed is to get paneled with major insurance companies to bill for services. This process can take a number of months and I hear it requires a ton of paperwork.

As I discussed in a recent post, my goal to start my own business isn’t solely for financial gain; rather, I’m tired of working for other people and dealing with the shady politics involved with doing so. I want to help people and I have the skills, determination, and passion to successfully run a solo practice for psychotherapy.

My business’ name will be Panoramic Counseling. “Panoramic” means that an observer has a wide view of their environment. Often, the goal of therapy is to bring someone from a clouded or narrow view of their circumstances into a wider, more aware vantage point.

Panoramic Counseling, TBA sometime in early 2019 😊🤞🏽

Long-term plan

The long-term plan is simple. I want the business that I start to grow and to be successful. I want to positively impact the lives of those that I provide services to.

I will make it my duty to stay current with the latest developments in the mental health field through continued study and professional trainings. I don’t believe that achieving your dream is enough. You have to keep that dream alive and always strive to take it a step further.


If you’ve read all three parts, I hope that you’ve gained something from me sharing my story, goals, and plans. As always, thank you for reading!


~~I’m currently reading This Is Just My Face: Try Not to Stare by Gabourey Sidibe. Check it out! I’ll post a book review when I’m done reading it.

~~I’m also reading F*ck Feelings: One Shrink’s Practical Advice for Managing All Life’s Impossible Problems by Michael and Sarah Bennett. Check it out! I’ll post a book review when I’m done reading it.

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9 thoughts on “Why I became a therapist (part 3): Future

  1. Congrats on almost being done! I’m currently in my second year for my masters in counseling and two years away from taking the NCE. I’m starting my internship this year which is exciting and nerve wracking (which I’m sure you know) lol.

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