Journey to minimalism #6

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Welcome back for this week’s Journey to minimalism post. The more that I contribute to this series, the more amazed I am that I still have things to talk about on a weekly basis. This makes sense, considering that minimalism isn’t a one-and-done thing; rather, it’s an ongoing way of life. Today, I will discuss more downsizing that has added value in my life.

My wife’s mac

I’ve been asking my wife for a while why she keeps her mac laptop even though she never uses it. Last weekend, I pointed out that there’s no need for her to have a laptop since her job provides her with a laptop that she can bring home. I have no use for the Mac because I have a smaller, thinner version that I prefer. Once she gave it more thought, she agreed to post her mac on Facebook Marketplace for $250. There were a lot of people interested and we sold the computer the same day. Since I’m the budgeter of the house, I chose to use the money to make a principal only payment on one of our car loans. We have now dipped below the $10,000 threshold on that loan, which feels amazing!


If you read last week’s post, you may remember that we got rid of an extra mattress that was consuming half of our small walk-in closet. While the extra space makes our closet more functional, the goal in freeing up the space was not to fill it with more clothes; in fact, my wife found additional items to donate to Goodwill.


While I wasn’t able to contribute clothes to the donation, I did identify another area where I tend to collect unnecessary clutter: My file folders. I mentioned earlier that I handle the bills and budget. This is due to the fact that I love organization and keeping track of stuff. Upon reviewing my file folders, I noticed that 1/4 of the stuff that I was keeping was irrelevant; for example, old leases, old eyeglass prescriptions and medical records, and old employment contracts. Surprisingly, I felt a bit sad when I had to shred two years of taxes from 2011 and 2012 (you’re only supposed to keep 5 years worth). Funny how we form attachments to the strangest things, haha!


As always, thanks for reading! What are some areas in your life that you’ve practiced minimalism lately?


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5 thoughts on “Journey to minimalism #6

  1. I have a much smaller dining table and I gave my microwave away.
    All I am after doing, is hoping to sell my giant bean bag. I have had it advertised for about a week, but although lots of views, no one has enquired.

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    1. Those are great steps. We have one of those dining room tables that has an expanded to make it big enough for 4 people. I’ve been thinking about getting rid of the expander and selling two of the chairs. Hopefully the bean bag sells. Facebook marketplace is good. I’ve had some luck with offer up and letgo

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I don’t do Facebook, otherwise I would have advertised it there. I gave up Facebook months ago and I don’t miss it.
        My dining table is just the size for me. I don’t have many coming round, but if I do, three and possibly four people could get round it.


        1. I don’t have a Facebook either, haha. I have my wife post stuff on her account. It’s he same with our table. Can fit up to 4. We only plan to have one kid and don’t entertain guests much, so it should be plenty, haha. Craigslist is an option too for selling things

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          1. I could probably get someone else to advertise on Facebook for me, if it doesn’t go anywhere within the next week. 🙂
            Sounds like your table will be enough for your needs.

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