A mistake

I realized this morning that the worst types of mistakes are the ones that you don’t even know you’re making.

Being that I spend a part of my weekend writing and scheduling posts for the following week, I thought I’d research some tips on how to continue growing my blog.

I stumbled across one of those “Top 10 ways to ruin your blog” articles, thinking none of the stuff would apply to me.

Something did.

I learned that using more than 15 tags on a post basically blacklists your post from most of the reader feeds. This explains how my views and comments have nosedived over the past week and a half, despite my newly developed posting schedule.

Learning of this mistake had me upset for a while, which is understandable. The point of writing is to share it with readers. In my effort to reach a wider audience, I had unknowingly sabotaged myself.


It’s best to accept that mistakes happen and that they help us grow. I tend to be an overthinker; however, I’m definitely not going to give up. Setbacks are part of life. I enjoy writing about mental health and lifestyle and will continue to do so.

As always, thanks for reading! Do you recall a time where you unknowingly self-sabotaged yourself? Share in the comments below.


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4 thoughts on “A mistake

  1. I’ve definitely had my stumbles figuring out all the ins and outs of blogging. Probably the one I felt the worst about was when I discovered that there were a bunch of legitimate comments that had accumulated over weeks/months that had gotten marked as spam without me realizing it.

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